Among the impacts of Covid-19 has been the catastrophic shutdown of the exhibition and live events industry and the economic devastation that has resulted. To say it has been a horrible experience would be a gross understatement. There is little doubt that Covid-19 will be viewed by history as one of the foremost disruptions in all of the human experience in so many tragic ways.

As we begin formulating our plans to return to live events, there are an overwhelming number of critical issues to consider and manage. The task is made immeasurably more difficult because there are just so many concerns that we must address appropriately in order to convince exhibitors and attendees that face-to-face events have been made safe again. The costs associated with the safe return to live events are enormous, especially when one considers the absence of revenue for such a long time. It is not an exaggeration at all to assert that for show organizers, especially, every single penny of expense matters more so than ever before.

Against this challenging backdrop we need to find new and innovative solutions if we hope to spur recovery as rapidly as we can. It is why SMT Expo’s booth system is gaining traction as a new and valuable approach to booth systems. There are lots of reasons: its’ elegant design, gorgeous custom graphics imprinting, its’ unique fabric, ExpoKnit®, that does not allow for the transmission of viral agents, but perhaps the most practical reason is that it materially reduces labor costs that show organizers and exhibitors pay. Why?  Because it is so simple, it requires no tools whatsoever, and it is much faster to install and dismantle that traditional drape systems. Perhaps, the best reason is this: Wouldn’t you rather pay for more marketing than for more labor?

One last thought: Become a real hero to your exhibitors when using SMT’s Version 2 system that allows exhibitors to have custom-imprinted graphics added to all or just some of their booth’s walls. In addition to making a stunning marketing presentation, the imprinted graphics eliminate the need for additional in-booth accessories like pop-ups that reduce precious booth space. Social distancing is likely to remain in place for the foreseeable future. Every square inch of exhibit space is more valuable than ever before. Consider this: social distancing in a 10’x10’ exhibit booth allows only 3 people (100 square feet minus 28 square feet per person equals 3.5 people) to occupy the booth at a time.