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The SMT expo System Advantage

All of our booth models are engineered to be cross-system compatible, allowing each of our systems’ components and accessory options to be used together or individually within our product offering.

10×10 booth system

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Revolutionary Design!

Our booth models eliminate many of the typical problems our customers face with comparable booth systems when the scale of the project grows or shrinks.

The lightning-quick SMT expo systems have been designed with common sense, to become easier to use as the scale of the project changes.


Yes, you read that right.

Our system doesn’t require any tools for the set-up. It has been designed that way.

Peace & Quiet

Did you hear that exhibitors are raving about our system being more sound-dampening than any other they have used before?



Projects change, but that does not mean they need to get complicated.

Our system is ready for any modifications your event is facing.

On budget

Every project is based on the size of your show. Get in touch and we will provide you with an estimate.


We are in for the ride!
We want you to grow and expand.

Inherent features in our system allow for more streams of revenue generation.

Modern & Attractive

Pipe and drape is a relic.

Upgrade your show without breaking the bank.

Available Accessories Doors Windows TV Mounts Shelving Light Walls Offices Custom Graphics Accessory Mounts Dressing Rooms

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