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Who We Are

SMT expo, a division of Glenmore Industries

SMT expo is a venture between Glenmore and two trade show veterans with over 50 years of combined experience. For over 35 years, Glenmore Industries has been manufacturing a wide array of home, institutional, and automotive products that are sold in over 20 countries. Glenmore Industries, headquartered in Edison, NJ has offices and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom. As part of Glenmore Industries, SMT expo has the full support of Glenmore’s global presence and manufacturing and design capabilities.

SMT expo is the product provider of the industry’s leading modular fabric booth system, and is the sole manufacturer of this patented technology. SMT expo is your factory, here to perfectly execute exactly what you want. Coupling our trade show industry experience with Glenmore’s overseas import and manufacturing experience, you can sleep at night knowing that your questions will be answered, your needs will be met, and your life just got easier. We are pleased to present to the world with our EXPOKNIT™ system and what we describe as,
smart | modular | technology ™

The System

Our modern patented (Patent #9,194,142) tool-less trade show booth system, that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, is now available to the general public. This system is composed of only 2 basic parts. (You read that correctly!) Every booth is made of columns and walls. We have engineered and designed this product, with the trade show industry in mind, to be:

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DECORATORS, ASSOCIATIONS, EXHIBITORS.. all inquiries are welcome!


Our booth system is so simple, and might we add attractive, that it’s clear to see why its become the leading softwall booth system in the industry! Get a jump on your competition, and refresh the look of your current shows!  Go ahead and scroll through a few of our basic booth configurations. They are available in all arrangements:

  • • Full floorplan
  • • Back-to-back / Inline
  • • Freestanding
  • • Custom
  • • Pavillions

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What We Do

The System In Use


What they’ve done is bottled common sense in the shape of a booth.

- Top Industry Executive

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Our revolutionary EXPOKNIT™ system has taken the industry by storm!

The Team

Our Global Roots

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Did we mention this system is entirely tool-less?

This booth system has already made our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars! We are proud supporters of the Exhibition Industry through our memberships with the following Associations:  IAEE ESCA EDPA




We are fully compliant with all industry standards and regulations.
Covered by United States Patent #9,194,142 B2 and various other domestic and international patent applications.

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